Armenian whores

Armenian whores

In my former life as a professor, I taught a course on the internet and society to students in their teens and early twenties.

#Armenian Genocide," added Kim, in a moment of sagacity more reminiscent of her parody doppelganger Kim Kierkegaardashian than her own sexpot persona.

"It is time to make him known," Justin Bieber proclaimed. In May, rapper Chris Bown discovered that over one hundred people were massacred in Houla, Syria. His followers asked Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears to help oust Assad.

"Im calling on ALL MY FANS, FRIENDS, and FAMILY to come together and #STOPKONY. And Twitter lit up like an Andy Warhol fever dream: slaughter and celebrity, brutality and brevity, replicated in a systematic stream.

It is no surprise that Justin Bieber was one of the celebrities tapped by the Kony2012 campaign, whose goal was to "make Kony famous", because fame is thought to determine relevance, to create caring, to force pragmatism from indifference.

Short memories This pursuit of awareness for its own sake works well for the establishment of personal celebrity, but it is deleterious when it comes to the causes celebrities promote.

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Since the arrest of Kony2012 video creator Jason Russell, interest in the arrest of Kony himself has plummeted.

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