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J., suburb of Hamilton, proposing, “We can engage in other activities” with them, Jackson said.

The prosecutor said Van Hise confessed to an FBI agent he and Valle were “serious” about their plot to kidnap and rape a woman.

The highly-acclaimed movie "Don Jon," for example, highlighted what is a reality for many couples and families: that addiction to porn tears men away from their girlfriends, spouses, and children. Again, the Senate and President Obama should take the House's lead in protecting victims of sex trafficking. 159, would use Department of Justice grants to incentivize states to match federal law, which considers "any child who is under 18 and subject to commercial sex trafficking [as] a victim." Likewise, the aide said, H. 285 "is intended to clarify that the existing federal sex trafficking statute...extends to those who advertise children and other victims for sale for sex." These and other measures are critical to helping the nearly two million mostly women and girls who are sex slaves at any one time.According to the non-profit Fight The New Drug (FTND), which relies on dozens of studies for its pornography data, "men who go to prostitutes are twice as likely to have watched a porn film in the last year compared to the general population." FTND's research also found that "when these customers show up, many come ready with porn images in hand to show the women they're exploiting--many of which are human trafficking victims controlled by pimps--what they'll be forced to do." The organization cites a 2007 study of 854 women in nine countries that found 49% of women "said that porn had been made of them while they were in prostitution, and 47% said they had been harmed by men who had either forced or tried to force their victims to do things the men had seen in porn." In other words, when Americans watch porn, they're fooled into thinking they are always watching free men and women engaging in consensual sexual intercourse.For decades, pornography has been praised as the epitome of freedom of expression by men and at times women alike. And according to one of the nation's leading academics studying the effect of pornography -- a self-described "radical feminist" -- pornography is a key ingredient in that demand. Gail Dines, a professor of sociology and women's studies at Wheelock College who also chairs its American Studies department, said in comment for this piece that "we know that trafficking is increasing -- which means demand is increasing.However, as time goes on, social conservatives and feminists alike -- as well as various media outlets and academic organizations -- are coming to agree that not only does pornography harm individuals and families, but it is also a major factor in the underground sex slave industry. This means that men are increasingly willing to have sex with women who are being controlled and abused by pimps and traffickers." "There are only two conclusions here: That men are naturally willing to do this to women -- biology -- or that they are being socialized by the culture to lose all empathy for women," Dines said.

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He also admitted to getting sexually aroused around children, Jackson said. “He never believed Valle was going to show up at his door with a girl,” said Frontier.

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