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Dating tips for christians

Women – choose this day what you want to be; a Primark or Cartier woman. No I’m not talking about some dreadful date you went on, I’m talking about the marriage where there are two people in charge – it will fail.

Don’t expect perfection but you are quite at liberty to wait till the men step up the their responsibilities and do what is necessary to become a great husband. It’s the same with a business, a school, or any team and a marriage is a team where the ‘two become ONE flesh’.

We have hundreds of examples; one might be that the rainbow used to be a symbol of God’s wrath on a decadent society, and another of course would be The Devil himself – once feared by believers and even non-believers alike – but nowdays is consigned along with the Bible and Jesus resurrection to ‘myth’ status and cartoonised as a little man in red pants and a pitch fork.

So wherever possible we need to keep hold of our words and treasure their original meanings.

) It’s incredibly interesting that often times words themselves hold the key to what life was like in the past and how we used to live.

Words – and changing their meanings, also appears to be our enemy’s greatest means to decieve people – to take a word (or thing) and change or literally hijak it’s history, meaning or appearance.

Ladies; all men want sex – Christian or otherwise it makes no difference.

But ultimately he needs to become a man and step up to the plate to take on the extra responsibilities that leadership takes.It illustrates just how hard it is to change someone’s behaviour – let alone your own for the better.But there is a way to encourage others to be nicer and more caring towards you, and for you to be more caring towards others!men Step up to the plate and find out by looking at Christ what a man is.Be responsible, work and look after your family unto death!

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Lets face it, how many characters who are unsavoury have many friends of good character and vice versa?

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