Desertdating com

Desertdating com

But at no point does he call it “Bon”, instead referring to “the bad religion” .

For example: “Those who are attached to the little religion propitiate the deities and the sky, and if even a single good thing occurs, they say that they don’t need the excellent religion.” This manuscript is among the earlier Dunhuang manuscripts (mid-9th century) and the text it contains may well be earlier than that.

The exact place of the birth of Jesus Christ—the place where he lived, worked, was crucified, and buried—are all uncovered in this book.

The discovery of highly developed Igbo technologies in ancient Egypt that were looted by Napoleon in 1799 and now used for reverse engineering to obtain many of the present day technologies including electric battery, aircraft systems, Space Shuttle, submarines, helicopters and others are demonstrated.

This book has fundamentally rewritten the World History as we know it.

The spread of the Culture of Life provoked persecution and genocide against Igbos to this day.Dating back 55 million years, this arid hotspot is one of the oldest deserts in the world.03 Karoo Desert, South Africa Covering more than 100,000sq miles of South Africa’s Cape region, this semi-desert has two sub-regions: the northern Great Karoo and the southern Little Karoo, featuring mountains, savannah and grassland — even a botanic garden.05 White Desert, Egypt Bizarre rock formations make up this sandy desert in Egypt’s Farafra Oasis.White chalk yardangs (pinnacles), created by frequent sandstorms, are the overriding feature of the lunar landscape.

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The origin of the Igbos of Europe, China, and the Americas are unveiled.

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