Governor granholm dating game

Governor granholm dating game

There's little indication that Obama does business that way.In fact, in naming Joe Biden veep and Ken Salazar Interior secretary, the president has left two Senate seats in Delaware and Colorado ripe for Republican picking.The Arizona governorship has already gone red with Janet Napolitano (another High Court short-lister) departing for the Department of Homeland Security.The GOP also has a great chance to pick up Kansas next year, since Gov.Granholm would be energy secretary as a reward for her undying loyalty; that's just the way the Clintons roll.If there was any doubt, since the governor didn't exactly deliver a knockout Michigan primary blow, the fact that her appointment would buoy the Democrats here would seal the deal. The chipmunk-faced Cherry is universally regarded as a nice man with a far better grip than his boss on the legislative process.

Nope, she wasn’t a Vietnamese boat person struggling to survive and then make ends meet in America.After her hairdresser blabbed to the press that Granholm was ready to pack up for a cabinet post, she's been very careful to adopt Obama's solemn tone and vow to finish her job as governor.For Obama, there would be a personal political downside if he appointed Granholm.While Sotomayor was excoriated in a cowardly New Republic story brimming with anonymous sources, the governor's myriad critics are only too happy to go on the record.Guys like former state GOP Chair Saul Anuzis and former Speaker Craig De Roche have made careers out of trashing her (always managing to work in her "Dating Game" past) and would love some airtime. at least once a month to lobby for Michigan (and subtly for herself).

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And thus, a wobbly governorship stays in the Democratic column. President Obama adroitly showed he could push pettiness aside when he tapped Clinton as secretary of state.

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