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But despite those varying factors, people generally share a similar set of meanings. In a few paragraphs, I’ll present a chart of all color meanings.These meanings were compiled from a multitude of academic studies. For most studies, researchers asked participants to rate certain colors on various dimensions.The model describes how we come to evaluate a color. But this article will gradually break down each piece of this model: By the end of Part 1, you’ll understand all of those pieces. Research shows that the next two components play a larger role in emotional impact (Suk & Irtel, 2009). How “These findings are especially useful for brand managers who are confined in their choice of hue as they can alter value and saturation of that specific hue to achieve a desired brand personality.” (Labrecque, 2010, pp.

I summarized my findings in the following table (click the image to enlarge it).

For example, all of these colors are blue: But those colors look different. 2) That’s also why males prefer blue, whereas females prefer pink.

Researchers argue that those differences emerged from an evolutionary bias grounded in a hunter-gatherer mindset (Hurlbert & Ling, 2007). They needed to find food sources by identifying red and yellow fruit among green foliage (Regan et al., 2001). Evolution definitely plays a role in the arousal reaction to color (explained later).

If you’re only interested in color meanings, you can skip to this table.

However, this article explores color psychology in much greater detail — with many other applications.

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