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While partying with the girls, Dick witnesses, and records, Jason, wearing nothing but a hornet fanny pack, partying while highly intoxicated, and smoking crack from a local shop owner/drug dealer Pam (Jason Mantzoukas). Jason awakens the next day on the beach, where he endures an awkward Face Time conversation with Meredith and his family.

He is later approached by a young boy who wants to touch the hornet fanny pack, but is caught by the boy's furious father, who believes Jason is a pedophile.

With Cody and Brah winning the flex-off by default, Dick alters an T-shirt cannon to fire a beer can at the winning duo, hospitalizing them.

Dick reveals to Jason that he was part of a Special Forces group in the Army, rather than just a mechanic.

While stopping at a diner, the duo encounter Shadia, a former classmate of Jason's from his photography class when he attended The University of Georgia, as well as her friends Lenore who needs to finish her trifecta (sleep with a freshman, an alumnus and a professor) and Bradley.

Dick introduces himself as a college professor and Jason as a photographer for Time magazine, leaving out his family connections.

Viewing the photos, Jason realizes he cannot go through with the wedding and calls off his engagement, to which Meredith reacts indifferently, as she slept with Jason's cousin Nick (Adam Pally) while he was gone and she herself was not really happy in the relationship either.

As Jason and Shadia serenade the crowd with a love song, Cody, released from the hospital, sneaks into Dick's jacket and finds a valid driver's license.

After they return to the hotel, Jason and Dick share a heartfelt conversation, where Jason reveals he will call off his wedding and plans to reveal the truth to Shadia much to Dick's horror as he has not slept with Lenore yet.

However, Cody and Brah, using Dick's driver's license to look them up, have already revealed the ruse to the girls (though Lenore seems unfazed by the news) and also reveal to Shadia that Jason is engaged, thanks to a wedding announcement seen online.

The next day, Jason spends some private time with Shadia, who reveals her own intentions to travel the world, and is leaving shortly after the trip.

They nearly share a kiss, but are interrupted by a call from Bradley, who reveals that Dick and Lenore have been kidnapped by the gang from the club.

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